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Email Aliases

Available to:

  • Sheridan Employees


  • Must be a Sheridan employee and adhere to the guidelines set out in Sheridan's Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Must have an employee network account, including a Sheridan username and password (created during the onboarding process).

  • Email aliases must be requested by the employee's Manager or Director.

About Email Aliases

An email alias is an email address that forwards copies of incoming mail to one or more other email addresses. It is often used to provide a generic, abstract email address for a department, role, or project.

Things to Note

  • Email aliases are managed by Information Technology.  Changes to aliases must be requested via the Information Technology Service Desk at

  • Information Technology reserves the right to reserve addresses for future use, e.g., common words and terms, as well as addresses that resemble personal addresses that may be automatically assigned to future staff or students.

  • The creation of an email alias must be approved by the appropriate departmental Manager or Director.

How to Request an Email Alias

  • The Manger or Director of the employee who wants the email alias must contact with the following information:
    • Requested email address; and,
    • Desired recipients of the email address.


In Person Support

Available at the IT Service Desk counter.

Phone or Email

Call the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to