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How to Add Room Resources with Outlook

Follow the instructions below to add Sheridan room resources to your Outlook calendar bookings.

  1. Open Outlook and and right-click on the day you want to schedule your meeting for and choose New Meeting Request (alternatively, you can click on the New Meeting icon in the toolbar).

  2. Click the Rooms… button next to the Location field.

  3. Rooms can be found as follows – double click on the room you want or with the room selected, click the Rooms button and click OK to add it to your meeting:
    1. If you select Name only all bookable rooms at all Sheridan campuses will be displayed.

    2. If you select More columns you can search for rooms at a specific campus by entering details in the search box. Click the Go button after entering your search criteria to see results.

  4. The room you've selected has now been added to your meeting request. Note that the room request appears in both the Location and To… fields. This is because Sheridan's Exchange server treats room locations as invitees—each bookable room has it's own resource mailbox that allows it to be scheduled and reserved.