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How to Add Room Resources with the Outlook App (iOS)

Follow the instructions below to add Sheridan room resources to your Outlook app calendar bookings.

  1. Launch your Outlook app.

  2. Switch to calendar view by clicking the Calendar icon at the bottom of the window. Tap and hold inside the date you want to create a meeting for or tap the plus icon in the top right-hand corner.
    New meeting

  3. Sheridan's Exchange server treats room locations as invitees so room details must be added in the People field.
    add room

  4. Enter the appropriate campus prefix (shown below) to search for meeting rooms at each campus.

    Campus Code Prefix to Type for Resource Searching
    Davis (Brampton) davis
    Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga) hmc [space] -
    Skills Training Centre (Oakville) stc
    Trafalgar Road Campus (Oakville) traf

    To find rooms at HMC using the Outlook mobile app, type 'hmc' followed by a space and a dash.

  5. Select the room you want to reserve and tap Done.

  6. Complete any remaining meeting details such as setting reminders or adding a description. Tap Save when done.

  7. Your completed meeting will now be displayed in your calendar.
    room added to booking