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Updating Credentials with Keychain Access (macOS)

Note: before updating the password associated with the Sheridan services stored in the Keychain Access, be sure to first complete the process of changing your password (log into AccessSheridan and follow the link "Change Password" under the heading "Account Utilities"). 

Mac users can take advantage of the Keychain Access program to easily update log-in credentials that are stored on their computer— passwords for websites, web forms, FTP servers, SSH accounts, network shares, wireless networks, etc.

  1. Launch the Keychain Access program (usually found in Applications > Utilities)

  2. When the program launches, you will see list of all the items in your keychain.
    keychain list

  3. To easily update the password you use to access Sheridan services, in the search box in the top of the window enter Sheridanc and select the Passwords category on the bottom left side of the window. This will highlight any items in your keychain that reference Sheridan domains including and Select an item from the list and double click to edit the entry.
    keychain list

    Alternatively, you can delete any keychain entry that is no longer relevant or you think might be problematic. Simply select the item you want to remove and press the delete key. The next time you try access the service that was associated with that keychain entry (e.g. a network printer) you will be prompted for your username and password.

  4. You will now see the attributes for the item you selected. The example below shows the details for a Sheridan email account. Click the Show password checkbox to reveal your password - you will be prompted for your local system password before it will be revealed.
    keychain item info
    system PWupdate shernetxp

  5. Enter your new password and click the Save Changes button.
    update complete

  6. Repeat this process for any other entries in your keychain that need to be updated.