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Managing Your Passwords with Credential Manager

Note: before updating the password associated with the Sheridan services stored in the Credential Manager, be sure to first complete the process of changing your password (log into AccessSheridan and follow the link "Change Password" under the heading "Account Utilities").

login sampleIf you log into a network service such as email or a shared network drive, and choose 'Remember my credentials', your username and password are stored in the Windows Credential Manager.

With the recent introduction of Sheridan's password aging policy that requires staff to change their password every 120 days, the Credential Manager offers users a convenient place to update all of their stored network passwords from one place.

How to Update Your Sheridan Passwords

The process outlined below should work for most users. However, there have been a few reported cases where users were unable to edit the entries in the Credential Manager. If you experience issues, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

  1. In the Windows 10 search box start typing 'Credential Manager' in the search field. Select the control panel item 'Credential Manager' from the list of results.
    Start>Credential Manager

  2. You will see a list services that have stored credentials. Note, there are separate tabs for Web Credentials (website passwords) and Windows Credentials—make sure Windows Credentials is selected. Click the down arrow icon in the column to the right of each service to reveal the login details. In the example below there are entries for network drives and email—note that there are three entries that need to be updated for your Sheridan email account.
    Windows Credentials

  3. To update the password that is associated with that service click the Edit link.

  4. Enter your new password and click Save. Repeat the process for each service you want to update.