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Office 365 Email-Calendar Services for Sheridan Students and Alumni – What you Need to Know

office 365[Nov. 6, 2012] We are pleased to announce that on Friday, November 2 Sheridan replaced the email services for all students and alumni with email and calendar services powered by Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services.

What You Need to Know

To access the new Office 365 email system, open a web browser and login with your Sheridan user id and password:

Current Students

Sheridan Alumni

Will my old email be available in the new system?

No, we will not be transferring existing student email to the Office 365 platform. However, the legacy email system will still be available for a number months following the transition to allow you to move your own email if you wish.

Will my Sheridan email address stay the same?

The domain referenced in your Sheridan email will be changing to ‘’, however, any mail sent to you with your old email address (e.g. will still be routed to your inbox. These redirects will be active and available indefinitely. Any new email you send will appear to recipients with your new ‘’ email address. If you have references to your current Sheridan email address in résumés, business cards, electronic signatures, etc. you should update them to reflect the domain change.

I currently have my Sheridan email forwarded to my personal account on another system—will my Sheridan email continue to be forwarded?

For Sheridan Alumni, email forwards will be preserved and carried over to the new Office 365 environment. Unfortunately, mail forwards for current Sheridan students will not be carried over to the new system. If you are currently a Sheridan student and forward your Sheridan email to another account, you will have to re-establish the forwarding email address on the new system. Some basic info on how you can setup email forwarding in Office 365 is available at:

Can I access the new email system on my smart phone?

Yes! For instructions to configure access on your Andriod, Blackberry or Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, please visit:

What will my email quota be in the new system?

In Office 365 you get a 25 GB mailbox that you can keep for life.

What is the maximum message size, including attachments, that can be sent or received?

Under the new system the maximum size of an email you can send or receive (including attachments) is 25MB.

Support and Resources

Resources and support guides are available on the I.T. website via the URL below:

Current Sheridan students who require personal assistance should visit their local IT Service Desk counter.