Sheridan onecard

onecard for Sheridan Employees

All Sheridan employees are required to have a onecard. The process below outlines the steps that must be taken for a new employee to receive their onecard.

Important Notice

Please note that in light of COVID-19, the onecard distribution process for Fall 2020 has been amended:  

For New Employees

New incoming employees are required to upload a photo for their onecard. All onecards will be mailed within Canada to new employees within 2-4 weeks once they have uploaded a photo and the photo has been approved. Please upload a photo prior to August 28 to ensure timely delivery

Starting this Fall, you will be required to present your onecard upon entry to the campus and must display your onecard at all times while on campus.  

If an employee needs a onecard before the 2-4 week period please contact us at after your photo has been approved.

New Employee onecard Fast Track Process

Fast Tracking allows new employees of Sheridan College to quickly obtain their onecards and room clearances after they have been hired by the college.

Please note: all new faculty and staff members must have a Sheridan ID number as well as a staff account set up before any requests can be sent to have onecards printed. Details about the account set-up process are available here.

Part 1: to be completed by the new employee's supervisor or program coordinator

Once the employee has been fast-tracked, you will be notified via email. They can then complete the process of getting their onecard as outlined in Part 2 below.

Part 2: to be completed by the new employee

When you come to have your photo taken and/or pickup your onecard, remember to bring the following:

Card Replacements

Staff can replace their onecard by paying a $25 replacement fee. You must make an appointment to visit the onecard office locations. You must bring one piece of government issued photo ID to receive your replacement onecard. Only debit card and flex dollars are accepted in-office. Alternatively, you may use debit or credit to load flex dollars online at and have your onecard mailed to you by request at