Sheridan onecard
Acceptable Photo
Acceptable Picture
Unacceptable Photos
Unacceptable Photo - B/W Unacceptable Photo - blurry
Black & White Blurry
Unacceptable Photo - group Unacceptable Photo - Off Centre
Group Shot Off Centre
Unacceptable Photo - Sideways Unacceptable Photo - Glare
Profile Glare
Unacceptable Photo - too close Unacceptable Photo - too far
Bad Cropping Too Far
Unacceptable Photo - Hat Unacceptable Photo - Sunglasses
Wearing Hat Wearing Sunglasses

Sheridan onecard

Photo Upload for Sheridan Students & Staff

Sheridan is now offering new students the opportunity to submit a photo of their choosing for use on their onecard. Follow the guidelines below to submit your photo and get your onecard. Remember, you are submitting a photo for an ID card, not a modelling portfolio—keep it simple ;-)

  1. Students, you need to have paid or deferred your fees. Staff will need to have an active job record or have a "fast-track" processed.
  2. Provide a good quality, recent colour photograph of yourself. Your photo must conform to the following standards:
    • The photo should be of you alone
    • The background must be solid white (no textures or patterns)
    • Colour, clear with good contrast
    • Head and shoulders only
    • Full face (no face coverings)
    • Facing front
    • No glasses unless you normally wear them (absolutely no sunglasses)
    • No hats (religious headwear is acceptable)
  3. With your first photo upload you will be requested to include a piece of government issued photo ID (Driver’s Licence, Passport, Ontario Photo Card, etc.). The government ID image will be deleted from the system immediately upon approval of your photo upload or after 7 days of inactivity on your account; whichever comes first.
  4. You will receive an email to your Sheridan email account (accessible via AccessSheridan) with a link to upload your photo. If the link is broken or expired you can visit and use your Sheridan email “” to request that a new link be sent to you.
  5. You will receive an email regarding the acceptance or rejection of the photograph you submitted. If your photograph is rejected, you will be asked to submit a new one.
  6. Once approved your onecard will be mailed to a Canadian address on file within 2-4 weeks. Please ensure your address on file is up to date and you upload a photo before August 28 to avoid delays. International students studying remotely outside of Canada will have a secure PDF image of their onecard emailed to them upon request after September 30.

    If you are under 16 years of age you must have a parent or guardian sign a photo consent form. Email this completed form to and within 1-2 days your account will be activated and you will receive an email to your Sheridan email account (accessible at with a link to upload your photo. Please use this link to upload your photo.