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Wireless Network Change: ‘Sheridan Guest Access’ is now ‘Sheridan Legacy’

[Updated Aug. 12, 2019] The SSID* name of the “Sheridan Guest Access” Wi-Fi network has been changed to “Sheridan Legacy”. Following this update, “Sheridan Guest Access” will no longer be active on the Sheridan network. This change will be applied across all Sheridan campuses.

* SSID = Service Set Identifier and is just a fancy way of saying ‘network name’.

Why the Change?

 “Sheridan Guest Access” was always a misnomer as it had nothing to do with guest access at all. “Sheridan Guest Access”, and now ‘Sheridan Legacy”, is Sheridan’s unsecured wireless network, intended for users whose device does not support WPA2 encryption technology. “Sheridan Secure Access” is the preferred wireless network for the vast majority of users on campus.

See Wireless Network Services for more information about Sheridan’s wireless network options.

User Impact

Any user whose device currently connects to Wi-Fi at Sheridan using “Sheridan Guest Access” will now need to connect to “Sheridan Legacy” . If the Wi-Fi access point for a device is not changed after the SSID has been updated, wireless connectivity for that device will not work.

If you require any assistance with configuring your devices, you can stop by a Service Desk counter location or contact the Service Desk at ext. 2150 or email