number of wireless access points* deployed across Sheridan's campuses




* a wireless access point is an appliance that allows wireless devices to connect to a network using wi-fi or related standards

10 million

target goal to reduce number of printed pages by for
2013-2014 academic year


number of new academic printing hubs on campus


number of downloads for Sheridan Mobile App


student cost of
Windows 7 and Microsoft Office from e-academy


number of days employee passwords are valid before having to be changed


version of Windows required by Mobile Computing Students


less power consumed by virtual desktops than traditional PC workstations

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Printing Project Update

Printing Project Update: Student Pay-for-Print, Centralized Printing, New Printer Queues and More

Beginning this fall, pay-for-print for Sheridan students will go into effect. In keeping with Sheridan's sustainability goals we will also be phasing out classroom printers, where appropriate, and installing multifunction devices in central locations adjacent to classrooms.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Project Update

Sheridan is deploying a VDI system that provides a standardized platform for delivering software on academic and administrative computers, while simultaneously contributing towards the College’s sustainability goals by reducing the overall power consumption of the computing environment. IT is looking to build upon a successful deployment of this technology at the Skills Training Centre since the fall of 2011 by introducing it to a wider client community.

Wireless Density Project

Wireless Density Project Update

For the past several months, IT staff have been working hard to upgrade Sheridan’s wireless network. Specifically, we have been working to increase the number of wireless access points throughout the College and increase the number of available IP addresses to assign to wireless devices.

Windows 7

Windows 7 Required for Mobile Computing Programs

Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate) is the required OS for all Mobile Computing students who are coming to Sheridan with a Windows laptop for the 2013-2014 academic year. IT staff, along with our academic partners across Sheridan's faculties, are investigating the feasibility of deploying and supporting Windows 8.1 later in the academic year.

Password Changes

Employee Password Change Reminders

It's been over four months since the password change policy for Sheridan staff was introduced and password change reminders are beginning to circulate again. We've posted a refresher on the scope of the policy and what exactly you'll need to update.

Tech Essentials

Cutover From ShernetXP To Shernet Domain: You May Need To Update Your Log-In Credentials For Some Services

IT staff have migrated the academic and administrative computing infrastructure from the SHERNETXP domain to a new, upgraded domain, SHERNET. If you haven't been on campus since the change and are having trouble connnecting to printers, shared disks or other network services, you will likely need to update your log-in credentials.

Tech Essentials

Tech Essentials & Extended IT Telephone Support Hours

From network access and printing, to installing software and accessing your email, Sheridan Tech Essentials is your guide to getting connected to Technology at Sheridan. And don't forget, the Help Desk offers extended hours for the first three weeks of the semester.

ITSC Changes

Instructional Technology Support Centre Changes

There have been a few changes regarding the ITSC over the past few months. Besides new hours of operation, Sheridan students and staff will now be able to book service appointments to deal with their technology issues.

Sheridan Mobile App

Sheridan Mobile App… Now Available for Blackberry 10

The Sheridan Mobile app is now available for BlackBerry 10 as well as Apple and Android mobile phones. Access features such as the Javacam; SLATE 2; myOTR and more. Search for "Sheridan Mobile" in the Apple, Android and BlackBerry stores to download the app. To date, the app has been downloaded over 5000 times.

Podium Training

Podium Training for Sheridan Instructors

Learn how to get the most out of Sheridan’s classroom technology by attending a podium training session. You’ll learn about the tools you have available to support your curriculum


Creative Forecast: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Adobe

Student and staff users around the College are anxiously awaiting the latest incarnation of Adobe’s Creative Suite of software – Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud includes all new desktop versions of applications as well as access to exclusive tools and services. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting new license keys for the software from Adobe.


Software Deals for Sheridan Students and Staff

Sheridan students and staff can now take advantage of some great discounts on software from e-academy. Users are entitled to purchase a single license for software from companies such as Microsoft and VMware at greatly discounted prices—some titles for students are actually free (e.g. Microsoft Office; Windows 7).

IT Staff Announcements

IT Staff Announcements

There have been a few staffing changes in the IT department over the past few months; among them is our new Director of Information Technology Support Services, Julia Kraveca.