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New Licensing Model Requires Adobe & Microsoft Users to Authenticate

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The way we license and deliver software and services from Adobe and Microsoft has changed significantly over the past year with the introduction of named-user licensing models that require user authentication. We expect to see more of this in the future from other vendors.

Serialized Software Being Phased Out

In the past, the college has provided staff with serialized versions of Adobe and Microsoft products, meaning that a serial number would be required to license and activate the product. A few drawbacks to this model were that the software would stop working after a certain period of time and need to be reactivated again with a new serial number. Serial numbers could also be shared, unintentionally or otherwise, which presented a whole other bag of issues.

Enterprise Licensing Model

Both Adobe and Microsoft have initiated the move to named-user licensing models. Under the provisions of this model, employees (and students) are assigned their own license and are required to log-in to activate their software license and to enable use of the software and services.

An added benefit to this type of model is that, besides software, staff and students can access many personalized services and features that would have been impossible under the previous licensing model—cloud storage and the ability to install and access software and services from additional devices, for example.

What this Means for You

Because the software license is assigned to you, you will first be required to use your Sheridan credentials to activate your license and you will then be prompted to log-in to the software package to authorize its use on a that particular device. Not a big deal if you're using a college assigned or personal desktop or laptop computer, you just set it and forget it. See the links at the end of this article for further details.

Additional Application-Level Authentication on Podium PCs and Lab Computers

In all general purpose computing labs and electronic classrooms maintained by IT, serialized versions of the software have been removed and updated to named-user versions. When logging into PCs in these locations you will be prompted for your Sheridan credentials to log-in to the Adobe or Microsoft software on that device.

If you're teaching in one of these spaces it's a good idea to double check that your license has been activated before hand. Launch the app(s) you know you'll be using before class starts to take care of your log-ins ahead of time.

If you are an instructor who is teaching in a faculty-maintained specialty lab or classroom, serialized versions of Adobe and Microsoft software are likely still being run and you will not be required to authenticate prior to use (for now).

However, it should be noted that the serialized versions of the software running in these labs may not reflect the most up-to-date software versions. Consequently, there is the potential for document compatibility issues, especially with Adobe applications, where a user creates a document outside of one of these labs or classrooms using a more current version of the software. Faculty should strive to ensure that students are using the correct version of the software for their class.

Upgrading to Office 365 ProPlus

If you are using a college-provided laptop or desktop computer and are running the disk image provided by IT (i.e. you or someone in your faculty did not configure the PC) you are most likely running a pre-installed version of Office 2016. You can continue to use Office 2016 or you can upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus if you wish, but you must uninstall Office 2016 first.

See the Microsoft Office page for details regarding installation, licensing and a rundown of its benefits and features.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)

By now, most staff who were running serialized versions of Adobe CC would have seen the prompts notifying them that their license was expiring this past November 30. For those of you that want to use Adobe CC and haven't yet acquired your enterprise license and/or want to learn more about the new features included under our Enterprise license, visit the Adobe CC info page.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have further questions about software licensing contact the IT Service Desk.

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