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Update on Service & Asset Management Tool RFP

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The RFP Evaluation Committee, working in conjunction with Sheridan’s procurement office is pleased to announce that SuMO IT Solutions has been chosen as the successful proponent in response to our RFP for a new Service & Asset Management solution.


The tool chosen by the evaluation committee was ServiceNow. ServiceNow is an industry leading cloud platform that enables modern, digital workflows. The product comes with prebuilt workflows and also allows for the development of custom apps. We will be leveraging the power of ServiceNow to deliver workflows for:

When fully implemented, ServiceNow will replace IT’s usage of PeopleSoft CRM and ATS, as well as Cherwell.* PeopleSoft CRM will continue to be utilized by other areas of the college.

* PeopleSoft CRM is our current Customer Relationship Management tool and ATS is our customized asset tracking solution that integrates with PeopleSoft CRM. Cherwell is currently being used for IT Change Management.

Welcome SuMO, Our New Strategic Partner

SuMO are ServiceNow experts, having successfully delivered over 1,500 IT Service & Asset Management projects for some of North America's largest companies. SuMO will be working with Sheridan to help deploy each of the service components noted above.

Next Steps

The Project team is working with SuMO to develop the project plan, governance model and team structure following SuMO’s  proven methodology.

Once the project implementation plan becomes formalized and teams are established, we will be conducting some workshops to help us scope out specific requirements, map out processes and establish baselines for each service element.

We feel confident that the selection of this tool and this partner will be a major step forward in our Service Management and Asset Management journey. 

Stay tuned for further updates as this project progresses.

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