Fall 2014


reduction in the number of pages printed college-wide since the introduction of pay-for-print, centralized printing, and the implementation of duplex printing as a default on academic printers and some admin printers

* this reduction is reflective of the number of printed pages in the 2012-13 academic year compared to pages printed in the 2013-2014 academic year


number of IP addresses assigned for clients on Sheridan's wireless nework


gigabytes of data transferred as part of staff email upgrade process


number of active projects currently being undertaken
by IT


number of projects completed (so far) in 2014


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Fall Term Service and Support

Change Management & IT: Changing the Way we Change

IT is evolving its service culture into one that provides a more positive and predictable experience to users across the College. To that end, IT has been working on an ambitious service management strategy that leverages one of the most effective and widely adopted IT service strategies in the world, ITIL.

Tech Essentials

Fall Term Service & Support

Online, in-person, or over the phone, Sheridan's IT department has a variety of support mechanisms to get you connected to Technology at Sheridan.

Tech Essentials

Podium Training for Sheridan Instructors

Learn how to get the most out of Sheridan’s classroom technology by attending a podium training session. You’ll learn about the tools you have available to support your curriculum. Sessions run daily from September 8 - 11.

IT News & Information
Be Cyber Savvy: Tips for Safe Computing

Be Cyber Savvy: Tips for Safe Computing

With the growing influx of cyber threats and security breaches on the internet, it is more important than ever that you exercise vigilance and take steps to protect yourself, your information and other users who may be affected by your actions.

ProfileUnity Upgrade

Infosilem EnCampus Scheduling Portal for Group Study Rooms & ITSC Service Appointments

Over the summer a new scheduling system from Infosilem, EnCampus, was introduced and is being used for booking group study rooms and Instructional Technology Support Centre (ITSC) service appointments.

New Laptop Disk Images

New Laptop Disk Images for Faculty & Staff

Sheridan faculty and staff who are receiving new Windows-based laptops this fall will notice an updated disk image that includes updated software and some other features that users have been asking for.

IT Staff Updates

Staff Updates

Greg McCracken joins Sheridan's IT team as Manager, Campus IT at the Trafalgar Road campus while Gail Cambell and Barb Comport retire, joining the ranks of the gainfully and gleefully unemployed.

Project Updates
AccessSheridan Portal Renewal Project

AccessSheridan Portal Renewal Project

AccessSheridan is Sheridan's internal student and staff information web portal. This project will deliver a new portal environment to replace the legacy solution currently in place.

IT Project Dashboard

Get the Big Picture: New IT Project Dashboards

Curious as to what projects IT has its fingers in? We have launched two interactive dashboards that represent a list of all of the projects currently being undertaken by IT.

oneCARD Project Update

oneCARD Project Update

Effective immediately, there is now a $5 sitting fee for students who choose to have their oneCARD photo taken on campus. Information about the establishment of dedicated oneCARD offices and the hiring of new staff rounds out this update.

VDI Project Update

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Project Update:
Phase Three Underway

In addition to the continued deployment of VDI solutions in Sheridan's labs and Learning Commons, the third phase of the VDI project will focus will be on piloting VDI with select user groups around the college.

VDI Project Update

Wireless Network Project Upgrade

Wireless usage has dramatically increased over the last few years. During peak times, we have seen well over 10,000 wirless clients trying to connect to Sheridan's wireless network, specifically at the start of the September term. As more and more people want to use wireless as their primary means of connectivity we still have some challenges to overcome.

Software Updates
Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Staff

Users around the College have been anxiously awaiting the latest incarnation of Adobe’s Creative Suite of software – Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). At long last, Adobe CC is now available to Sheridan staff and students.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Autodesk Software for Students and Educators

Sheridan students and faculty are eligible to receive free, 3-year licenses for software titles from Autodesk. Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software for manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment.

academic software

Microsoft Office 2013 Now Available

Microsoft Office 2013 is now available to Sheridan staff and faculty for use on their College workstations. Students can download Office 2013 from OnTheHub for free for use on their own computers.

ProfileUnity Upgrade

ProfileUnity Upgrade

On Sunday, June 22 Sheridan introduced ProfileUnity, a centralized user profile management system that is used for managing physical and virtual Windows desktops. This tool handles various aspects of the user environment, including user profiles, security, application settings and more.

academic software

Software Deals for Students and Staff from OnTheHub

Sheridan students and staff can take advantage of some great discounts on software from OnTheHub (formerly e-academy). Users are entitled to acquire a single license for software from companies such as Microsoft* and VMware at no cost or at greatly discounted prices.

academic software

Supported Academic Software

IT has compiled a list of academic software applications that are currently supported by the Instructional Technology Support Centre. Students who are in a Mobile Computing program can expect basic software support (installing/removing software; troubleshooting; etc.) for the listed applications.

MS Exchange

Staff Email/Calendar Upgrades

Throughout July and August, our employee email and calendar infrastructure was upgraded from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to version 2013. This upgrade brings better browser support for the Outlook Web App (OWA) and an enhanced user experience that features new layouts for desktop, tablet, and smartphone use.



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