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Deployment of Trend Deep Security Antivirus Software for Staff to Commence Today

[Feb. 26, 2014] The deployment of Trend Deep Security Antivirus for staff desktop users will commence today.

If you are a staff user with a desktop machine running Windows, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Before leaving for the day, shut down your computer – this will initiate the removal of Symantec antivirus from your computer.

  2. The next time you power-on and log-into your computer, the installation of Trend Deep Security will begin. Following the installation you will see an on-screen message indicating that your computer will be rebooting. Once your computer reboots, the installation process is complete. This process is fairly quick and takes only a few minutes.

If you happen to power off and restart you computer prior to leaving for the day, be aware that this will initiate the installation process as indicated above.

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