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Trend Office Scan AV to Replace Trend Deep Security on Employee Computers (Windows only)

[Mar. 19, 2015] Due to issues some employees have experienced using Trend Deep Security, IT has worked with Trend Micro Support and determined that Trend Office Scan AV is a more appropriate product for our employee, Windows-based desktop and laptop computers.

Office Scan AV has been running on our podium machines and loaner laptops for the past few months without issues, and will be part of any new Windows desktop and laptop images. Trend Deep Security remains our antivirus solution of choice on our virtual desktop Infrastructure (zero-client machines).

Acquiring the Software

If you are running Trend Deep Security on your Sheridan Windows-based computer follow the instructions below to get Trend Office Scan AV for your machine:

Confirming the Installation

Once Office Scan AV is installed, you will see a blue icon (fig. 1) in your task bar and and the Office Scan Agent icon (fig. 2) in the Windows start menu:

fig. 1: Office Scan AV task bar icon

fig. 2 Office Scan Agent icon

IMPORTANT: If you do not see either icon, the Office Scan AV install did NOT complete successfully. Please try downloading and installing the software for AccessSheridan again. If Office Scan AV is still not installed, please contact the Help Desk, or bring your laptop to the ITSC.

Right click on the Trend Micro Office Scan AV Agent icon in the task bar (or launch the OfficeScan Agent found under the start menu), and select Open Office Scan AV Agent Console. You should see a large green checkmark along with the messages “Protection Enabled” and “You are protected and your software is up to date” as shown in the image below.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IT Service Desk at or call ext. 2150.