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New Antivirus Software for Sheridan Staff Now Available

Trend Deep Security[Feb. 13, 2014] As recently announced, our former antivirus offering, Symantec Endpoint Protection, is being replaced by new antivirus software from Trend Micro. Trend Deep Security* is now available to Sheridan staff to install on their desktop or laptop workstations.

* available for Windows only

The software can be downloaded via AccessSheridan – follow the link Software Installation (under the heading Software for Sheridan Laptops & Workstations). The link on the Software Installation page is called Trend Micro Deep Security AV.

Please note the following before running the install package:

Auto Update for Desktop Users

Desktop users who choose not to install Trend Deep Security at this time should note that IT will be pushing out the new software to all staff desktop computers starting on Wednesday, February 26. More details will be communicated to you prior to the update.

If you have any questions or concerns, send email to