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Data Centre Transfer Switch Replacement: Service Impacts

Transfer Switch[updated Oct. 9, 2014] As previously communicated, during the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend (October 10-13) Facilities Management will be replacing the electrical power transfer switch that feeds power to the Trafalgar campus data centre. This will require that most of the equipment in the data centre be shut down while the electrical work is being performed. Consequently, many IT services will be unavailable during the upgrade period.

Will Any Services be Available During the Service Period?

Yes. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we expect to offer the following services:

Service Name Notes
Network Connectivity Users on campus should still be able to connect to the Internet and access any network service on campus that is unaffected by the transfer switch replacement (e.g. email)
Student/Alumni Email Students & alumni should still be able to send and receive email.
Staff Email Staff should still be able to send and receive email.
Internal/External Voice services Internal/external voice services, including voice mail, will be available.
Sheridan College website We expect that Sheridan's corporate website will be available during the service period.
SLATE Students and staff should still be able to access SLATE although some custom modules will be inaccessible, including: SLATE Self Service and Teaching w/Technology portal
Virtual Machine(VM) log-ins in Learning Commons & Labs Users accessing VMs in Sheridan's Learning Commons and labs will be able to log-in


What Services will be Impacted?

At this time, we anticipate that the services listed below will be unavailable during the service period. However, as many of our network services are interdependent, there are no guarantees that any services will be available.

​​In addition to the critical services listed below, other technology systems will also be unavailable. Information Technology is communicating with the stakeholders of each of these services directly to understand, and if possible mitigate, the impact on their operations.

Service Name Notes Who is Affected?
AccessSheridan AccessSheridan will be completely unavailable Students & Staff
Adminshare All administrative files shares will be unavailable Staff
Application Installs As AccessSheridan will be down, users will not be able to access the pages required to initiate software installs Students & Staff
Databases All production databases will be unavailable Staff
Electronic Access to Rooms Rooms with electronic card access will not be accessible to users via their oneCARD. However, security staff will be available to grant individuals access to the affected locations. Students & Staff
Information Technology website The IT website will be unavailable Students & Staff
Library Services Various external services accessible through the Library web page will be inaccessible (e.g. databases, catalogues, e-journals, etc.) Students & Staff
Mailing Lists Mailing lists will be unavailable Staff
Microsoft Sharepoint All Sharepoint sites will be inaccessible (e.g.; Staff
PeopleSoft Applications PS apps including campus solutions; HR; Finance and any associated supporting system (e.g. MyOTR) will be inaccessible. Students & Staff
Printing/Papercut Services Printing services (via Sheridan's network) will be unavailable across all Sheridan campuses. The Papercut server will also be down at this time. Students & Staff
Sheridan Mobile App As the app is reliant on accessing services running out of the Trafalgar data centre functionality will be reduced. users of the Sheridan Mobile app
Shertube The media hosted on Shertube will be unavailable. Students & Staff
Staff & Student Home Directories and User Profiles All Staff home directories (G drive) and user profiles as well as some student home directories and user profiles will be unavailable. Users may still be able to log in to desktops with a temporary or local profile but will not have access to their files stored on network drives. We recommend that any user who thinks they may need access to files stored on their network drives copy them up to a usb flash drive or other media prior to the shutdown of services on October 10 at 6 p.m. Students & Staff
Video Conferencing Video conferencing services will be unavailable but audio conferencing will still be an option for users. Staff

How Long will Services be Unavailable?

Again, as we have not had a complete data centre shutdown in over ten years we are treading into somewhat unknown territory. While we're hopeful things will go smoothly we can't make any guarantees as to the exact timing of the resumption of the affected services. We appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Friday, October 10th starting at 6 p.m. IT begins shutting down services hosted in the Trafalgar datacenter
Saturday, October 11 (morning until evening) Facilities Management and their contractor replace the electrical equipment
Saturday, October 11 (overnight) IT will start bringing up the data centre network, storage, server, and virtualization infrastructure
Sunday, October 12 IT will be bringing up applications and services
Monday, October 13 Testing and remediation of any discovered issues



Stay tuned to this page for further updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk.