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IT to Retire SharePoint 2010 Sites in the Fall of 2019

[Updated May 1, 2019] With the release of the new Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Online services, IT is planning the retirement of all existing SharePoint 2010 sites and services in the Fall of 2019.

Why Retire SharePoint 2010 Services?

Out with the old and in with the new. With the introduction of new Office 365 services like Groups and SharePoint online, SharePoint 2010 has become redundant. Other reasons for retiring SharePoint 2010 include:

Why Move to Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Online?

Groups and SharePoint Online can help users across Sheridan easily achieve their cloud-based, collaborative workspace needs. Featuring a modern and accessible interface, users can painlessly manage their Office 365 Group memberships. And with the self-serve design and administration features of a SharePoint Online Team Site, any novice SharePoint user can become a SharePoint power user. 

SharePoint 2010 Migration Resources

We now have available a SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online Migration Guide to further assist site owners in moving their content from their SharePoint 2010 sites to a SharePoint Online Site. If you have questions or concerns about migrating your site, email the IT Service Desk or call ext. 2150.