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More than Just Help, Say Hello to Service

Say Hello to the IT Service Desk[May 26, 2015] Over the past several months Sheridan’s IT department has been taking steps to redefine its customer service strategy by introducing a support mechanism, based on industry best practices, that emphasizes supporting the people that use technology rather than just the technology itself. We are excited to announce that we are evolving from our current Help Desk model to an IT Service Desk.

How will the Service Desk Be Different?

Single Point of Contact & Coordination of IT Resources

The goal of the Service Desk is to be a single point of contact for customers where problems are solved rather than simply reported. The service specialist who takes your request will solve the issue personally or work behind the scenes until your obstacle is overcome. In this way, the specialist will ‘own’ the problem and work to find the solution, so that our IT services will be delivered in a more predictable, sustainable and coordinated way.

Consistency of Support & Service Excellence

Encompassing more than just a call centre, the Service Desk also encompasses our current Instructional Technology Support Centres (ITSCs). Whether you request support via telephone, email, in-person or via our soon to be launched interactive chat feature, you can expect consistent levels of support and service excellence regardless of the contact method or the campus location where support was requested.

New Frontline Support Specialists and Tiered Support

Existing staff that supported the current Help Desk and ITSCs counters are transitioning to Tier 1 and Tier 2 support roles to facilitate our new service model. This larger combined group of individuals will work together under the umbrella of the IT Service Desk to provide tiered levels of support depending of the complexity of the issue.

Goal of First-Call Resolution

With a goal towards first-call resolution, frontline staff will now, more than ever, be empowered to take care of routine requests — account management for IT systems, software licensing, and restarting print queues are just a few examples.

Again, if a problem or issue requires a higher-degree of expertise, the support specialist will seek out solutions on your behalf and will remain your single point of contact through to final resolution of the problem or request.

When will this be Happening?

The IT Service Desk will officially launch on June 1, 2015. Customers can request support as follows: