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Sheridan Secure Access Security Certificate Update

[Feb. 13, 2015] On Tuesday, February 17 at 10:30 p.m., IT staff will be updating the security certificate associated with our wireless network—Sheridan Secure Access. In line with industry-standard security practices, the security certificate used by Sheridan expires every two years and must be re-issued.

Accepting the New Certificate

Following the certificate update, some wireless users may be prompted to accept the new security certificate when their device attempts to connect to the wireless network. Selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘Accept’ following the onscreen prompt will allow you to connect to the wireless network as usual.

Information for Windows Users

Some Windows users may see a Security Alert, as illustrated below, when they attempt to connect to the Sheridan Secure wireless network. Simply press the Connect button to access the wireless network.

Information for Mac Users

Mac users may or may not be prompted to verify the security certificate for Sheridan's network. If you're prompted to verify the certificate, here's what you should do:

  1. Verify that the certificate will be trusted before clicking Continue. Click Show Certificate.

  2. Click on the triangle beside Trust.
  3. Make sure that each of the options is set to Always Trust.
  4. Click Continue to accept and trust the certificate.
  5. You’ll likely be prompted to enter a password to confirm the changes you’ve made to the certificate. This is the machine password, not the Sheridan account password.

It may take a few seconds for the settings to take affect and the user to receive a proper IP.

Information for iOS Users

When iOS users try to connect to the Sheridan Secure Access wireless network, they will likely encounter the Certificate screen as illustrated below. Simply click the Accept button to connect to the network.

If you don’t see the prompt following this update, your laptop or mobile device might have already automatically accepted the upgrade; test to see if you have normal network access.

Problems or Concerns?

If you experience problems contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to