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Retired Software Titles from OnTheHub

[June 5, 2017] Microsoft has announced some changes to the software currently being offered under the Volume Licensing Academic Program. As of July 31st 2017, the N-2 versions for Windows, Office, Project and Visio will be retired.

Specifically, the following software will be removed from the OnTheHub web store.

Product SKU Ref
Windows 7 Professional FQC-03908
Windows 7 Professional N FWC-00998 
Windows 7 Professional KN FUC-00073
Windows 7 Ultimate GLC-01498
Windows 7 Ultimate N GSC-00551
Windows 7 Ultimate KN GQC-00042
Office Professional Plus 2010 79P-03827
Visio Premium 2010 TSD-01080
Visio Professional 2010 D87-05097
Project Professional 2010 H30-03400

Students and employees will no longer be able to place new orders for the above software after this date, but existing orders will not be affected. Users will continue to be able to download bits for existing orders from the Microsoft Software Download Site.

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