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Funds in Your onecard Flex Account Can Now Be Used for Printing

[June 30, 2015] As you likely know, along with being your official Sheridan I.D. your onecard can also be used as a payment card for a growing number of campus services—Health Centre amenities, laundry facilities in residence and printing among them.

Currently, there are two separate account balances and top-up procedures associated with each student's onecard:

Up until now, the funds in these accounts were not interchangeable (e.g. funds in your general purpose cash account could not be used for printing or vice versa). This is about to change. Effective July 4, Sheridan students will be able to use funds in their general purpose cash account (aka Flex account) for printing.

For example, if you need $0.25 for printing that amount would be deducted from your PaperCut account*. However, if there are no funds in your PaperCut account the amount will now be deducted from your Flex account (assuming funds are available).

* funds deposited into your PaperCut account can only be used for printing

Topping Up Your onecard

We strongly recommend that moving forward, students top up their Flex account where funds can be used for any onecard payment service, including printing. Students can still top-up their printing accounts using the legacy PaperCut top-up processes, but remember that funds deposited to your PaperCut account can only be used for printing.

For more details about topping up your onecard  please see Add Funds to Your onecard Account.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the onecard office at