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macOS Catalina: Potential Incompatibilities with Software and Sheridan Services

macOS Catalina image[Oct. 1, 2019] Many users are eagerly awaiting the release of Apple’s latest desktop operating system, macOS 10.15 (Catalina) later this month. However, if you are a Sheridan student using a Mac for course work, or a Sheridan staff member using a Mac for your day-to-day work, it is NOT recommended that you upgrade to macOS 10.15 (Catalina) at this time—you may experience bugs in the OS, incompatibilities with some of your software, and potentially, Sheridan services that you are currently using.

Known Issues

To date there have been reports from users who have experienced issues with various applications but most significantly with older versions. Because macOS Catalina will only run 64-bit applications, older 32-bit applications such as CS5 versions of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, Microsoft Office 2011, Aperture and Final Cut Studio will no longer work.

How to check if an app is compatible with Catalina

Additional Information and Resources

For more information about the compatibility of specific applications with OS X Catalina we suggest you check out the software publishers’ websites and/or Apple’s support pages for any news or updates.

You may also want to check out RoaringApps — an online resource for Mac users that features a compatibility database of software and various Mac OS versions, including Catalina.

A list of 32-bit applications can be found at:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT help desk at ext. 2150 or send email to