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Laptop Slowdowns & Other Frustrations with Lenovo Laptops

Laptop 'Slowness' during USB Detection and/or Installation of Network Printer Drivers Related to Trend Deep Security Antivirus Software

[Oct. 23, 2014] IT has received reports from some Sheridan employees who are experiencing laptop "slowness" during USB detection and/or installation of network printer drivers. Upon investigation, we believe that this is being caused by the Trend Deep Security antivirus client that is included on the disk image for employee laptops or downloaded via AccessSheridan. We are working with Trend Micro to address this issue. In the interim, we have developed and verified a workaround procedure. If you are affected by this problem, please book an IT Service appointment or contact your Faculty IT support person to have the workaround applied to your machine.

Points of Frustration with Lenovo Laptops

IT has also received reports of clients frustrated by a number of issues related to the new Lenovo laptops, including:

If you have further questions or concerns regarding either of these issues, send email to