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Windows 7 Laptop Encryption Begins Tuesday, October 11

encryption image[September 27, 2016] Beginning on Tuesday, October 11, IT will encrypt all Sheridan owned or leased Windows 7 laptops which support encryption using Microsoft BitLocker Administration (MBAM). This will protect data on employee laptops in the event the device is lost or stolen and will have no noticeable impact to your day-to-day activities or your laptop’s performance.

At Sheridan, there are laptops running a variety of software images, due to when they were acquired. As such, certain laptops do not support MBAM in their current state. IT will continue to work on rolling out encryption to these laptops.

More Information

For more information, see Laptop Encryption is Coming. Watch the Sheridan Insider and the IT website in the coming weeks for further details about the rollout.