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Employee Email & Calendar Services Moving to Outlook Online

Getting Ready for Outlook Online

As a consequence of this change, users of desktop and mobile email and calendar apps will need to establish new account profiles following the move to Outlook Online. A migration guide featuring detailed instructions is available on the IT website – see the Office 365 Email/Calendar Transition Guide.

[Nov. 7, 2019] Over the past few months, Information Technology began the process of migrating employee email and calendar services from our on-premises systems to Outlook Online, beginning with users in the IT department. Starting on November 10, 2019, IT will begin transitioning email and calendar services for employees across the College.

When Will My Email Be Migrated?

We will be migrating users in batches, one area/department at a time. You will receive an email notification 2 days prior to the migration of your mailbox.

Why is this Change Being Made?

The move to Outlook Online will offer much tighter integration with our existing Office 365 offerings as well as offering users:

Outlook Online – No Set-up Required

To access your email and calendar quickly after the change, Outlook Online will offer you the most hassle-free experience and no set-up is required. Simply use a web browser to go to and select the Outlook link. 

Further Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns, or need some assistance following the migration of your email and calendar, please contact the IT Service Desk at extension 2150 or navigate to and fill out the Issue Submission section and put “Mailbox Migration” in the Describe Your Issue field or send email to