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Davis Campus Podium Upgrades During Reading Week

image of new podium setup[October 12, 2018] IT Staff will be upgrading the teaching podiums in 16 classrooms at the Davis campus during Reading Week which runs from October 22 – 26, 2018.

The classrooms being upgraded are J203, J205, J212, J305, B124, B134, C224, B303, B316, B315a, B315b, B225, B307, B308, B310 and B311.

The podium upgrades will feature…

Training and Support

If you teach in one of the classrooms noted above and you are unfamiliar with the Crestron controllers, IT is offering on-demand podium training to help get you up to speed. Contact the IT Service Desk to schedule a training session.


image of legacy podium closer image of new podium setup

Legacy Podium Set-up

Refreshed Podium Set-up

image of legacy classroom control panel image of new Crestron touch screen controller

Legacy Podium Controller

New Touch Screen, Crestron Controller