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Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Sheridan Telephones and Office Moves

cisco phone with EMS display[May 31, 2016] Did you know that phones at Sheridan are programmed with EMS dispatch information?  When a 911 call is initiated on campus the regional EMS that is associated with that particular telephone will be dispatched.

For example, if a user made a 911 call from their office phone at the Davis campus, the Brampton EMS would be dispatched. If the same user were to be reassigned to another campus, the Trafalgar Campus for instance, they would typically take their phone with them. However, without having their phone reprogrammed, calling 911 from the Oakville campus would result in Brampton EMS being dispatched to the Davis campus.

Notify IT When Moving to Another Campus with Your Phone

It’s critical that you notify IT prior to moving to another campus with your phone so we can reprogram it with the appropriate EMS dispatch information. Simply contact the IT Service Desk prior to your move, providing the following details:

Not Sure if Your Phone Is Programmed Correctly?

If you are concerned that your phone may not have the correct EMS dispatch information you can contact the IT Service Desk and we will be happy to verify and update your phone, if necessary.

The IT Service Desk can be contacted by emailing or calling extension 2150.