Mobile Computing

Important Information for Mac Laptop Users in a Windows-based Program

Using Boot Camp to Run Windows

It is highly recommended that you acquire a device that meets the requirements of your program. You may use a MacBook Pro for a Windows-based program; however, you must be running Apple's OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher and the Boot Camp utility. Boot Camp will allow you to run Windows as well as Apple's OS X.

It is expected that you will have already installed your own supported copy of Windows via Boot Camp. We currently support:

Students in a Mobile Computing program can acquire a copy of Windows from OnTheHub free-of-charge.

Boot Camp Support

Support & Resources from Apple

If you require help setting up Boot Camp and Windows on your Mac, we encourage you to see Apple's website for Boot Camp support or you can visit an Apple Store for assistance.

Boot Camp Support at Laptop Readiness Sessions

You can also get assistance setting up Boot Camp on your Mac at one of the Laptop Readiness sessions that run prior to the start of the September and January semesters. Setting up Boot Camp on your Mac can take up to two hours, so make sure you come to your session early enough to get the assistance you need. Depending on circumstances, some users may be asked to book a Service Desk appointment to have Boot Camp installed.

Details about Laptop Readiness sessions are posted on the Mobile Computing home page about a month prior to the start of the September and January semesters.


  • Please ensure that you turn off File Vault prior to bringing your Mac to have it Boot Camped. Turning off File Vault can take several hours and, in most cases, Boot Camp will not work successfully until it has been turned off.

  • Due to the many technical complexities and considerations when installing Boot Camp—differing hardware models, system configurations, and operating system versions—we cannot guarantee results when attempting to Boot Camp a machine.