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Important Info About Apple's Silicon Processors

Apple's Silicon Processors
(M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max)

[January 20, 2022] For the past 15 years, Apple has been using Intel processors, and many of their computers still do. In November 2020, Apple began offering new desktop and notebook computers that are instead powered by Apple silicon.

Compatibility Issues with Avid Products & Bootcamp

Although Mac computers with Apple silicon offer substantial performance benefits, they are not currently compatible with some Avid products, including Avid Media Composer as well as many other third party plugins.

Additionally, Microsoft Windows cannot run natively (via Apple’s Bootcamp software) as it does when using an Intel based Mac, making Windows-specific rendering applications like Revit, Solidworks, Enscape, and Rhino either completely unable to launch, or run with severe instability and/or reduced performance.

If you are (or plan to be) using any of the above software for your course work this school year, we recommend either purchasing an Intel based Mac or waiting as long as feasibly possible to see if your software is updated to be fully compatible with Apple silicon. If you end up choosing a Mac with Apple silicon, please also make sure you have the required RAM and storage specifications as indicated on the Computing Requirements page.

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You can also Google your software title with “Apple M1 compatibility”

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