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Latest IT News & Announcements
Upcoming Changes to Sheridan's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
MS Azure VDI image

A new VDI solution, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop will replace the VMware Horizon View system currently in use. Sheridan VDI users will get a fresh start with the new system starting in January 2022

11/16/2021 10:19:05 AM
Microsoft 365 - Find Out About the Latest Features & Updates
decorative image of hard drive breaking apart

Microsoft 365 products and services are continuously being improved and updated. Find out about the latest product features and updates. Learn more.

11/09/2021 01:15:00 PM
New Windows & Mac Operating Systems – Don't Upgrade Yet!
Windows 11/macOS Monterey decorative image

Many users are excited to upgrade to the latest operating systems from Apple and Microsoft but we do not recommend upgrading at this time. Learn more.

10/28/2021 12:23::00 PM