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Accessing Sheridan's Network

network accessAccessing Sheridan’s network with a laptop or other mobile device has never been easier. Users can simply log-in with their Sheridan credentials to gain access to Sheridan’s network.

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Wireless Network Access at Sheridan

Detailed Configuration Guides

Below are detailed guides for connecting a device to Sheridan's wireless network:

Desktop Operating Systems

Mobile Devices

Below are some general instructions for accessing Sheridan's wireless networks.

Sheridan Secure Access

Sheridan Secure Access* is Sheridan's encrypted wireless network and users are required to log-in with their Sheridan username and password to join this network.

  1. Select “Sheridan Secure Access” from the list of available wireless networks
  2. Enter your username and password at the prompt.

As your credentials will be cached, you should only need to go through the wireless authentication process once per term – unless of course you upgrade your computer's hardware or change computers.

* your laptop or mobile device must support the WPA2 security protocol. If not, please visit the IT Service Desk counter to have network access for your device enabled.

eduroam: Network Access for Visitors from other Colleges/Universities

The edurom wireless network allows faculty, staff and student visitors from participating institutions to access wireless services at Sheridan by using the credentials provided by their home institution. Once successfully connected, your device will be able to access the eduroam network at any participating institution.

Network Access for Visitors/Guests

Visitors to Sheridan who are on site and are not part of the Sheridan community can be sponsored for network access by a Sheridan staff or faculty member. Please see:

Network Access for Groups

If you are hosting an event on campus with a group of outside users who will be bringing their own laptops, Conference and Event Services can assist in setting up network access for your guests. Please see:

* your laptop or mobile device must support the WPA2 security protocol, if not you will be limited to using Sheridan Guest Access.

Sheridan Guest Access

Sheridan Guest Access is Sheridan's unencrypted (unsecure) wireless network and is for visitors to the College and Sheridan users whose laptop or mobile device DOES NOT support WPA2 encryption. Users wishing to use Sheridan Guest Access must go to the IT Service Desk counter to have their device enabled for use on the network.

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